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10 Simple Steps Towards Self-Sufficient Homesteading!

I am here to show you that no matter where you live you can be self-sufficient homesteading anywhere.


I am here to show you that no matter where you live you can be self-sufficient homesteading anywhere.

Live self-sufficient anywhere!

  • Do you have a dream of living on a homestead?
  • Do you live in the city or suburb and think you have to live in the country to homestead?

Let’s take a look at the term self-sufficient and homesteading. Self-sufficient means needing no outside help in satisfying one’s basic needs, especially about the production of food, and homesteading means living a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. So by those definitions the key to homesteading is learning to be self-sufficient.

If you are looking for ways you can start being more self-sufficient here are ten very basic things you can do no matter where you live!

      1. Have a true appreciation for life and don’t listen to the naysayers. -We often get responses to our basic living lifestyle with raised eyebrows, but we find strength in knowing we can take care of ourselves through power outages, financial hardships, droughts and anything else the good Lord throws our way.
      2. Start growing your food. -If you live in the city, replace your lawn with a garden, plant fruit trees and learn to hunt and fish. There are state game lands in almost every state that welcome hunters if you do not have land of your own.
      3. Find a backup energy. -Find an alternative heat source. If you have a fireplace convert it to wood and store wood to be used through power outages or at least invest in a generator or propane heater.
      4. Find ways to be frugal. -One of the easiest ways to become more self-sufficient is to stop relying on always buying new. Reuse, recycle and do without is our motto!. Buying second-hand clothes, furniture, hand tools, and toys have saved us thousands of dollars over the years that we have put toward paying off our debt.

      5. Stop buying paper products. -Look at the money you waste each week on paper towels, tissues and napkins.  Those paper items can be replaced with old rags and cloths.
      6. Review your budget. -Look at your current budget and cut out anything that is not a necessity. If you have debt, this is the first place to look. Leave some wiggle room for special occasions, but do you need a $100 cable bill or $75 hair cut?
      7. Raise backyard farm animals. -Most cities are now allowing small animal permits within city limits. Rabbits and chickens are both great animals you can raise to feed your family even if you live in the city.
      8. Raise honey bees. – The honey you pull from the hives twice a year will provide endless amounts of all-natural healthy sweetener for your family.
      9. Save your seeds. -When planting your garden use heirloom seeds. You will only need to purchase the seeds once since you save the seeds from year to year.
      10. Learn the benefits of herbs for medicinal purposes. -Our forefathers did not have local drug stores to rely on, and most ailments were cured with herbs. Herbs are easy to grow, and their uses are endless.

homesteading lifestyle

Living a simple self-sufficient lifestyle can happen where ever you are. Work on one step at a time, and before you know it, you will be taking care of most of your family’s basic needs, right from your own backyard!

What things do you do that are homesteading friendly and are putting you on the path to being self-sufficient?

Originally published on Our Simple Life