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Watch: Black Man Beaten By Trump Supporters & Then Arrested By Cops at Rally



At a trump rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a group of black males were escorted out by the police for non-violently protesting the event. While they began walking towards the exit with the officer, a Trump Supporting cowboy proceeded to punch one of the black protesters in the face.

What do the cops do in response? Do they arrest the man who punched the protester? No.

The cops do nothing to the cowboy who just assaulted a human being, and then proceed to arrest the man who was just punched in the face.

These kind of physical attacks on protesters are nothing new to the Trump Campaign.

Of course, this type of violence is to be expected of any political movement that has so much emotion behind it, and we should expect more as the election season continues.


  1. I love how this report does not say that the supporter was arrested for assault. The man who was violating free speech of DT and the supporter right to hear deserves to be charged also. Don’t know why you always have to say the color of a man. If they are guilty or innocent, it is a man, not a color.

  2. Liars. He was swearing. Flipping off families with small children, blocking people’s view, basically acting like a baboon. He came only to disrupt. A 78 year old man hit him. Then, as he was going g back to retaliate, the cops stopped him. Don’t start no shit, nothing will happen.