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Watch: John McAfee Perfectly Explains Libertarianism in 2 Minutes


When I first heard about John McAffee running for president, I first thought “great, yet another side show act that gets us away from talking about the actual problems.”

There were good reasons to think that. Vice Magazine had a terrific breakdown that explained the man’s lifestyle prior to running for president:

“Here was a man who did sex yoga. Who practiced the ridiculously fatal sport of aerotrekking. Who ranged the world gathering sycophants around him, investing in power yachts, designer chemical labs, bodyguards and shotguns, and, above all else, making his life a holy shrine to his penis, and his life’s work the putting of that penis into as many young ladies as would have it. His holy grail, according to reports from close friends reported by Gizmodo, was “drugs that induce sexual behavior in women.” He lived for pleasure. For the most simple, hedonic view of pleasure, and—if you squinted your eyes a bit—you could probably have seen him as a kind of deranged folk hero.”

You can imagine why some people were a bit skeptical when he decided to run for office.

Stating that, his recent performance at the Libertarian Party debate was brilliant. Unlike Austin Peterson, John didn’t attempt to lambast his opponents. Instead, he introduced people to what libertarianism is about.

“Libertarianism is about liberty. What is liberty? Liberty means our minds and our bodies belong to ourselves.  Liberty is lost when governments decide what is right or wrong regarding what we do to ourselves. Every law that has tried to limit personal liberties and personal freedoms have failed.”

Watch John’s explanation of liberty in his opening statements below