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Concealed Carrier Prevents Mass Shooting At SC Nightclub


While the left yammers on that gun rights are a relic of the past and should be tossed aside quicker than a 7 year old gas station hot dog, a concealed carrying gun owner just prevented a mass shooting at a South Carolina night club according to WISTV.com..

The gun owner was outside a nightclub in Lyman, SC when 32 year-old Ray Thompson pulled out a gun while getting in an argument.

Ray Thompson whipped out his pistol and started shooting at the crowd.

Jody Ray Thompson.

“His rounds struck 3 victims, and almost struck a fourth victim, who in self-defense, pulled his own weapon and fired, striking Thompson in the leg,” Lt. Kevin Bobo said, who was on the scene shortly after the shooting.

The hero who shot Thompson, according to the lieutenant, has a valid concealed weapons permit. He cooperated with the investigators and won’t be facing any charges.

“Thompson was still on the scene when deputies arrived, but the initial scene was chaotic,” according the Lt. “It wasn’t until victims and witnesses were interviewed, and video from the scene was reviewed that Thompson was identified as the suspect.”

Thompson was charged four counts of attempted murder, possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

Thankfully, none of the victims’ injuries were life threatening.

Thompson is being held at the Spartanburg County Detention Center.

If Salon magazine and other progressive rags had it their way, the law abiding gun owner wouldn’t have had a weapon on him at all – unlike Thompson, because criminals don’t give a damn about laws.

And while journalists like Gersh Kuntzman cry when they shoot one of the most comfortable guns on the market, hero’s like this are protecting actual people.

Tonight let us raise a glass to this concealed carry owner, who will be just another unsung hero like the millions of other gun owners who prevent crimes every year 


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Study : Guns Stop Crime 2.5 Million Times Each Year

10257847_10101407106334675_3394232571286694773_nCarlos Morales is a former Child Protective Services investigator, president and founder of Child Protective Services Victim Support, the host of the Libertarian Atheist Podcast, and a committed legal advocate for family reunification.

Since leaving his career as an investigator, he has actively helped families throughout the country fight for their children in and out of court. His pursuit of a radical overhaul for child protection programs has taken him from university lecture halls, to television and radio studios, and the pages of a variety of publications. This has culminated into the publication of his new book, Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services (http://www.legallykidnapped.net/)


  1. Wow. “Several” rounds with a pistol. Little different than “several” rounds from an assault rifle. Apples and oranges, my friend.
    I am a law abiding citizen who owns a gun. I am not afraid of legislation. Quality gun laws aren’t meant to take away my gun. They are meant to prevent the psychologically impaired from doing harm.

    • Would love to hear you explain the difference between several rounds fired from a pistol and from a rifle (I hope you realize that none of the assailants you would be referring to in recent mass shootings used assault rifles, an assault rifle has to be capable of being fully automatic) when in that close of a proximity. If you’re a gun owner, it is your obligation to educate yourself on these issues, I suggest you do a better job.

      • You guys always hide behind this definition of assault weapon. We don’t give a shit about what you define an assault weapon to be. We don’t need any of them, period. Now you finally have an example of a “good guy with a gun” to brag about. Go crow about that.

        • This is literally the 50th or 60th similar story I have scene. This is not a rare occurrence. Hell type a search into you tube and you will find videos of stuff like this. There isn’t any “finally have an example” about it. This is merely another incidence similar to Orlando and the dramatic difference of out comes.

        • We don’t hide, we educate. Words matter. And if you feel you don’t need a firearm, then don’t carry one. It’s that simple really. This is just one example of many many many many many instances where the good guy with a gun stops a bad situation from getting worse.

        • Only in modern America could someone be accused of “hiding behind” something for actually wanting their words and definitions to have meaning.

          If it’s so insignficant, why did gun control advocates hijack the term? Because they recognize what you ignore: that words influence people and affect opinions. That’s why they appropriated the term ‘assault rifle.’ So yes, we’re going to fight about that.

        • You dumb shit – EVERYDAY one with a gun protects someone else . Yer fuk’n liberal media dont print the ‘ other side of the story ‘
          Crow ? yeh we gun owner damned sure will crow
          Noe YOU go EAT some crow ya dumb shit .

        • Here’s the thing… we only get our “good guy with a gun” scenario so rarely, because it’s so damned hard to obtain a carry license. Therefore, all we ever hear about is bad guys with guns, because they don’t bother with licenses.

          Let that thought rattle around your skull a bit.

      • Yo i fucks with Swilliams its apparent they know they shit..education is key i grew up on a militarily base a at close range you can’t do shit to an AR when you have a pistol…shit I’ll give you a Desert and I’ll take the AR then you’ll grasp the severity…people are so quick to speak and so slow to think it’s flabbergasting.

    • Depends on the type of handgun used. If it was a full sized 9 mm style pistol with the average 15 round mag, he could have fired just as fast and as many rounds as firing an AR style rifle. And as far as the psychologically paired, be careful where you go there. The way our lawmakers are today, pandering to SJW’s, ANY one could lose their right to near arms over ludicrous shenanigans.

    • Wow. I am more afraid of you. Why bring assault weapons into the discussion? Assault weapons are extremely hard to purchase in the US. None of the recent shootings involved assault weapons, except San Bernadino where the rifle was modified. Unless you have a Federal permit, all rifles are the same as a pistol- one trigger squeeze, one bullet.

      • Actually San Bernardino was a 10/22… made by Ruger. The only mods mad to the firearms was an appearance change. Turned out the were not modified for full auto as one media outlet stated. With that said I will also say the 10/22 is the easiest rifle to turn into a full auto but care must be taken when doing so. Not properly done can have devastating impact on the one firing. I loved how the media tried making it sound like an assault weapon… ?

    • Absolutely not. I’ve been shooting what you call “assault rifles” for more than 40 years, and I can assure you, I can put more rounds out – and faster – from any of my pistols than I could from my Bushmaster or my son-in-laws Arma Lite-15 or Kalashnikov…

    • Two problems here first is Governments around the world have closed mental institutions and thrown mentally handicapped people onto the street to live in rooming houses without proper care, instead they just hand out psychological medications The second problembo is the NRA lobbying the GOP with tons of cash so they dont go down the road like Australia did 30 yrs ago after Bryant killed around 30 people in a Tasmanian tourist resort. Prime Minister at the time went straight to work and offered a amnesty and cash for guns from the Liberal conservitive government at the time. Guess what happened ? its plain evidence that the guns taken have reduced gun crime in Australia..Of course a hardcore criminal can find a gun on the black market but he will only do it to protect his drug empire. Mentally handicapped people cant do this on the black market they are opportunists so if a gun happens to fall in there lap its time to have fun in there eyes possibly. This whole story stinks and looks like the NRA are enjoying it to justify owning crazy weapons such as guns in the public..This is the 21st century not the 17th century when guns where a part of life for hunting and protecting farmers who just happened to be stealing indigenous peoples lands at the time. I certainly wouldn’t want to live in country that believes you must carry a weapon to protect yourself from other people. If that was the case i would be leaving that country as it wouldn’t be worth my time and effort to live there.

    • I wanna know wtf you’re smoking. 1. Owning a firearm does not make you omniscient in this type of conversation (that’s like Joe blow saying he owns a car and that it means he knows what he’s doing with a wrench) 2. Several rounds from a handgun and several rounds from a rifle (fuck the sheep that want to refer to anything black as an “assault rifle” get off that stupid shit and do some real research) can in fact be a very close comparison when you take into account magazine capacities available for both, rate of fire, etc. I know with a Beretta 92 I can send 30 rounds down range just about as fast as any other rifle 3. By “psychologically impaired” do you mean criminals? If so can you explain to me why we have laws making it illegal to kill another and yet people still commit murder? They’re fucking criminals ass hat, you’re laws aren’t going to do anything to impede their ability to do what they want because they’ll still figure it out so as to have their way. Your “quality gun laws” simply make it more difficult for those whom respect your stupid fucking laws to obtain and posses firearms to safeguard themselves their families and their property. Like I said, time to get off your ass, turn off your TV and try doing some real fucking research

      • Whats even more crazy thestupidburns is that they allow us to have guns for protection they say but i have seen several cases where a mans house being burglarized and he awake from sleep grab his pistol and shoot the bastard as he flees. Dont you know the fucking buglar dies in his lawn and the cops determine since you the victim have a gun and the fucking buglar doesn’t. Thats murder… crazy shit…how n the fuck do you know what anyone has thats a criminal when there breaking into your house. I actually thought theives were primarly what gun law protect was for despite self defense so when i saw this case being a gun owner i was pissed off and confused. How do i avoid getting a murder charge if i kill a fucker for breaking into my house while I’m protecting my family. The laws are skewed across the country and some places where you stand your ground in other places its murder and some places if they are robbing you and you shoot them its justified and some states its not. The confusion is what i dislike most because those gray lines get citizens mixed up in criminal bullshit and then it causes someone else to change the law but by modifying the original law it creates a new loop hole for the criminal to slide through. Never ending cycle. How do we fix it, can’t disarm America because the whole worlds not American even we don’t see eye to eye on most shit across the board so to expect others to is insane but we do need to find a solution to maniacs insane ppl and any1 who is on a major political agenda..i believe america needs rest more than anything..no more fear propoganda no more insightful provoking riot conversation no 1 yell or passive aggressively shoving there point across…just rest, silence, and time to truly think…then elect a president and work on the new agenda you profoundly discovered on your clear minded BREAK…hopefully even the psycos will BREAK and we can breathe…theres been too much pointless DEATH this yr… 2016 has taken more ppl this year half way through then i could ever remember in time…its been a shit load of ppl this year… so lets slow down and take a break…especially from electronics…BREAK

    • It sounds to me like YOU might be “psychologically impaired”. There are enough gun laws on the books already to address that, and they are STILL gettng guns. What does that tell you? They might be “impaired” but they are smart enough to know how to get a gun illegally. The only ones affected by all these laws are honest, law abiding citizens. Or do you seriously believe nutcases and crooks obey lass?

      • Enforcing existing laws and not underfunding the ATF would be a start. Additionally cracking down on stores (as well as the buyers) that repeatedly engage in straw buying. I am all for people owning guns, be it pistols, shotguns, rifles, etc. As the statistics show, most gun owners are responsible. The statistics can also tell us about where illegally purchased guns are coming from. I support a pragmatic approach to gun control.

    • An assault rifle is not in anyone’s hands they are not allowed, our semi-automatic rifles will only fire one time per pull of the trigger, if you own any kind of a gun it only fires once per pull of the trigger. there is nothing bad or wrong with owning a semi-automatic rifle, and they have many reasons to be owned.

    • How is it different ? Both weapons required the shooter to pull the trigger for each shot? If your gonna claim to be a gun owner then please educate yourself on weapons!! Other wise you just look dumb

    • Thanks. My thoughts exactly. The citizen should be applauded, but the writer of this blog is a liar. And until this rampage of bullshit about “liberals” who want to take away the pacifiers of scared little people like this is quelled, reasonable responses like this will not be lauded. Obviously the shooter didn’t have an assault rifle or our hero wouldn’t have had the time to pulll his own weapon. What about that is so hard to undrrstand?Are we stupid or narcissistic?

    • Yet another fool spews ignorance…….dead is dead, rifle, pistol, or knives….the end result is the same. You can argue about the tools used all you want but it’s really the hand that wields the weapon that is the most dangerous.

    • Yes several rounds from an assault rifle is different than several from a pistol. If you are calling an AR15 an assault rifle, which it is not, let me explain about the relative power of an AR 15 versus pistols. An AR 15 semi automatic fires one shot for one pull of the trigger from a magazine/clip..same as a semi-automatic pistol. The big difference is the AR15 you want to call an assault rifle fires a .223 cal. bullet. That is just .003 bigger than your little .22 rifle for shooting tin cans. In many states you are not allowed to use an AR15 for hunting deer because it will not consistently take down a deer. The .243 is considered the minimum cal. allowed to hunt deer. In close quarters where most of these thing go down, I will take a 1911 .45 cal pistol over the AR15 (assault rifle????). to defend myself from a terrorist. MUCH MORE KILLING POWER! EASIER TO CONCEAL! EASIER TO USE IN OFF BALANCE POSITIONS. Really need to know of which you speak..before you speak! By the way what kind of weapon do you own and how much training have you had.

    • This whole story stinks and looks like the NRA are enjoying it to justify owning crazy weapons such as guns in the public..This is the 21st century not the 17th century when guns where a part of life for hunting and protecting farmers who just happened to be stealing indigenous peoples lands at the time. I certainly wouldn’t want to live in country that believes you must carry a weapon to protect yourself from other people. If that was the case i would be leaving that country as it wouldn’t be worth my time and effort to live there.

      • ” I certainly wouldn’t want to live in country that believes you must carry a weapon to protect yourself from other people”
        Except that you do want cops – i.e. other people – to have guns to protect you…you know when they’re not busy killing people’s dogs, throwing people in jail for pot, and beating the hell out of black people.

      • You must remember that there are lobbyists that are supplying money to anti-gun groups too, but I guess you forgot to mention that side. And I believe that you are speaking of the 18th century ( when our country was formed ). You say that you wouldn’t want to live in a country where you have to carry a gun to protect yourself. Well, guess what; YOU DO !!! If you think seriously like the words you are spouting, then you should be spending your time packing. Australia would love to have yo, but then again many there would love to get their guns back…

  2. Wow, comments are conspicuous by their absence! In these cases, the Leftskis seem to have little to say unless it is a general Oh-the-Humanity rant about the other mass shootings or the insensitivity of pro-gun people. They holler about how no “good guy with a gun” has stopped a mass shooting – never stopping to consider a couple of major things – 1) if the good guy acts as this good guy did – it never BECOMES a mass shooting – because it is stopped. 2) Many, many crimes – muggings, assaults, burglaries, robberies, rapes, etc are stopped every year by gun owners – often just showing the gun ends the trouble without a shot being fired – and thus it never makes more than the local news. 3) Most concealed carriers are law-abiding people and most obey the little red signs on businesses and offices.

    They will bring up the Umpqua College shooting in Oregon, saying there were armed students on campus….YehYehYeh….but….it is a good-sized campus. No armed students were in the building where the shooter was located. Several armed students volunteered to engage the shooter, but were asked to stand down by college officials and law enforcement – and guess what? They deferred to those “in charge”.

    I am sure that the anti-gun folks would love to see us live up to the wild-west-cowboy-Rambo-wanna-be image that they constantly project upon us, and would love to see their fears justified when a concealed carrier shoots a few bystanders. Yes, the Constitution is antiquated except for the parts that they try to manipulate to suit their agenda – and an armed citizenry don’t fit the agenda!

  3. I’ve had a CCW since 1973. One day while sitting on a I witnessed a knife attack on a family in front of the restaurant. I ran outside and confronted the attacker stopped the assault and held the Felon at gunpoint until police arrived. Never made the papers, but I was glad I was there that evening and prepared to defend the Innocent. 3 people live today because I was prepared.

  4. Most people who want sensible gun laws are not trying to keep people like this man from carrying a concealed hand gun. We simply want to keep semi-automatic guns that shoot large numbers of bullets in a short amount of time from being readily available in our country. Like the one sold legally to the mother of the shooter in Sandy Hook, and the terrorist in Orlando. We also want to make sure people are checked out for security reasons before they buy their guns. Also, if someone is not allowed to fly on our airplanes because they are suspected of terrorism, then we think it makes sense to keep them from buying a gun. If this do nothing congress would break free of the gun lobbies money we would all be better off and have sensible laws.

    • “We simply want to keep semi-automatic guns that shoot large numbers of bullets in a short amount of time from being readily available in our country”
      That’s interesting, considering this is most likely PRECISELY the type of firearm this man used to defend not only himself AFTER being shot, but also to defend everyone around him as well. There was likely even no difference between his weapon and the shooter’s who started it all, except for the hands they were in…………

    • what guns Doug? the hunting rifle that LOOKS like an evil military rifle (but fires in the same semi auto mode that this CCW holder’s pistol can)? a Glock 17 or M&P 9 (which is what the picture shows above) has 18 bullets in the magazine (including the one chambered). they can fire JUST as fast and have JUST as much capacity as an evil “assault” weapon. Anyone who thinks differently doesn’t know much about guns at all.

      and here’s the thing about the no fly list. flying isn’t a right, a right can ONLY be suspended with due process. the Watch list is just that. a WATCH list. meaning anyone can be put on there for any reason as they investigate them. That means due process is not followed and a right CAN NOT be suspended without due process. As for the “gun lobby”. They are the only ones who are keeping this nation from being totally disarmed from the lunatics like Feinstein

    • Hey Doug, have you ever attempted to buy a gun? Every legal gun purchase consists of a rigorous background check. And high capacity semi-automatic? Any gun, even a single shot, could cause a tragedy if no other gun toting citizen is there to disarm them. Get educated man. Bad people will do bad things, Cain killed Able with a rock. That is why we need to be able to defend ourselves and those around us.

    • I agree Doug.

      Think about now, incorrect. Common sense/sensible laws are there for the safety of the whole society, and as a citizen , you do have to make some sacrifices. Paying taxes, for example, so that sensible things like roads can be built and maintained, which everyone benefits from. Its why ordinary citizens would not be allowed to have missiles, or assault rifles, or various explosives. This is hardly any different, given the number of shootings we have.

    • Explain to us a sensible law that COULD have kept a law abiding Mother who passed a background check from legally buying a gun and giving it to her mentally ill son? There are regulations/laws for a law abiding citizen to follow concerning purchasing a gun and “gifting” it to a relative but, unless you have a LEO following your every move, every minute, how can it be enforced? And, anymore sensible gun laws will more than likely be impossible to enforce until after the crime. Unless, your for more government intrusion into your personal life. You do realize they talk about sensible gun laws and IF passed it will ONLY be the tip of the iceberg, right? The no fly list…anyone can be put on it for no reason and with no course of getting off of it…GREAAT idea! With something like that in place, along with a federal gun registry, guess who gets put on the “no fly” list? Let’s not forget the most important part of “sensible” gun laws….law abiding citizens are the ONLY ones who will abide by them. It’s not the guns you should be worried about…mass killers in the past have used underwear, shoes, box cutters, airplanes, fertilizer, rental trucks, SUVs, pressure cookers, etc. to kill and/or attempt to kill. I think PEOPLE are more of an issue than guns themselves. Notice, all the lefty reporters going out to prove how easy it is to get a gun legally…I want to see them prove how easy it is to get a gun illegally.

    • You do realize that it is extremely easy to create an extended magazine for a handgun with the advent of 3-D printers. It’s basically just a box with a spring in it. A handgun is semi-automatic usually just with a smaller clip. Download a file from the internet, buy some springs, and print out your extended clip for a handgun and the same amount of bullets can be fired in the same amount of time.

    • @ Doug Bixby / ***Also, if someone is not allowed to fly on our airplanes because they are suspected of terrorism, then we think it makes sense to keep them from buying a gun.***

      You’re kidding right???!!!!! Well jock’o, if you don’t know, and I’m sure you don’t or you wouldn’t have penned such a stupid sentence, that right now there are people on the no-fly list because some LIBERAL put them there because they were totally against the kinds of laws, as YOU say, are sensible. AND did you know that those that are unjustly put on the no-fly lists are NEVER notified that they are on the list???? That means somewhere, and I’ll have to say, probably TONS of “somewhere’s”, there are people just like the good guy in this article that are going about their business of every day living and loving and have no idea that they are being grouped in with REAL terrorists!!!! AND you have to know just from being on the internet and listening to the homo-phobes in the drive by media’s “sound clips” that we are a nation of terrorists and we need to keep the guns out of their hands!!! Right?? WRONG!!!!!!! About 25% of the people that are on the no-fly lists are staunch conservatives, libertarians and others that don’t think that ANY GOVERNMENT should be able to ride rough-shod over it’s citizens just because they believe what is ACTUALLY WRITTEN an obscure one page publication called “The Bill of Rights”!!!!

      So the next time you say you don’t mind sensible laws, how sensible is it that if a wounded warrior comes home to America and even has a “twinge” of maybe PTSD, and they are treated for it, AND found to be COMPLETELY CURED, they AUTOMATICALLY LOSE THEIR RIGHT TO HAVE, POSSESS, CARRY OR EVEN SHOOT a weapon FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES unless OF COURSE, they spend thousands of dollars paying for a lawyer just so they can be taken OFF OF SOME LIST because the democrats have miraculously determined that ONCE you are found to be mentally disturbed, that they are now PERMANENTLY MENTALLY UNFIT to ever own a firearm, even though they just came straight from the battlefield carrying a By God ASSAULT RIFLE protecting OUR FREEDOM!!!!!! How’s that for being sensible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      So the next time you really want to say something about gun laws, STFU, because YOU know NOTHING!!!!!!!

    • Why? The crazies will still be getting their hands on the Semi Auto weapons!
      You know some people are on the fly watch list because their child was deployed to the middle east right after 9/11 leaving behind a very pregnant and terrified wife and Grandma hadn’t flown in years so she must be a terrorist! Get real. It’s all about taking the guns away and controlling the masses!

    • Doug, I suggest you do some research on the term “semi automatic” bc you obviously don’t understand what this means! One trigger pull = one bullet fired= semi automatic. Spray of bullets from gun while holding the trigger = fully automatic.

    • A lot of people on the no fly list are everyday Americans and children who have the same name as someone already on it. So thats a dumb idea. The guy in Orlando was on the fbi watch list and they did nothing so how about go after the people on the fbi watch list first, that would make more sense

  5. Really. FFS. What a stupid story. I like guns and even as ex militaty find it extremely hard to own one in Australia. Bit unfair but no one ever worries about shootings here because there aren’t any. After the largest mass shooting in 2006. (YES Americans largest to that date) We banned them. Not great for law abiding citizens but after hearing all the news stories nearly weekly about shootings in the US maybe it’s worth it. Some of your laws are ludicrous like not even being able to do a background check. And carrying guns to a nightclub. So a fight and punch up turns into the shoot out at the OK Corral. And don’t get me started on assault rifles. A true Hunter wouldn’t use one and they are nothing but posers rifle who had a small di**. If no one had them in carried them no problem. At least check the identity and make it harder for people with no reason to have a gun.

      • I do not think your label of ‘ridiculous’ is contributing to the reasoned discussion of the issue. How is Australia so different from the US that it should not be part of the discussion? I think there are many comparisons between the two. And to start with we are both founded by ‘not wanteds’ from Europe and we are English Speaking, immigrants, democracies, countries with first world problems, etc……

      • Hold on.

        True Australia isn’t the US and vice versa. I’ve come to the conclusion that more guns accessible/available more shootings. Less available less shootings. Pretty simple logic that has been proven in Australia. Let me be clear it hasn’t wiped out gun related offenses here but it the rate of this kind of offense is “ridiculously” low.

        • I would have to disagree with that logic. Let’s take Chicago Illinois compared to Phoenix Arizona as an example. Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the entire United States. While at the same time having one of the highest crime rates involving guns. Arizona anyone that doesn’t have a felony or a domestic violence charge against them can open carry and/or concealed carry without a permit. We have one of the lowest gun-related crime rates in the entire nation

    • Where do you get we don’t do background checks?? I even as a concealed carry permit holder, I have to do a background check everytime I buy a weapon. We are not allowed to carry into establishments who’s liquor sales are more than 51% of their income. Assault rifles have been banned since the 90’s. Sonic your referring to the AR that stands for Armelite rifle, which is named after the man that designed it in the 50’s. Which even comes in a baby size. A .22. And can only shoot as fast as the trigger can be pulled. Just like my semi auto pistol. Which is a 15+1….so maybe you need to educate yourself because I know yall have some deep sand over there, but how far is your head really stuck in the sand??

    • you do realize that none of the weapons they want to ban ARE assault rifles? Assault rifles have to have select fire and/or fully automatic fire… the AR-15 and other black evil guns do not have them. they are NOTHING but a semi-automatic hunting rifle (and one of the most common, they’re main use is varmint guns down here) and the only difference between a ruger Mini-14 farm rifle and the AR-15 is how it looks. same magazine style, same chambering of the same ammo, just the Mini 14 doesn’t have a cool looking pistol grip and a 6 position butt stock.

    • I really hope you know what your saying when you say “assault rifles”

      Or if more people carried and more states would allow it, alot of people could be saved. A terrorist can’t carry out a mission if he/she knows he/she will be gunned down in seconds. Let’s get realistic , these people don’t care if they kill hundreds of us and then blow off their own heads. And we live in a hippy loving society with all these millennials thinking “oh, guns? We don’t need those. They are…unnecessary”

    • The 2nd ammendment says nothing of hunting rifles. It states arms. If you look at history and why the 2nd ammendment exists it wasn’t to guarantee hunting rights! It was to guarantee freedom from tyranny and opression. It was to guarantee that the citizens of the nation had a means to fight back against a government forcing it’s will on the citizens of the nation. Not to mention, a ball musket was an “assault rifle” back then, so where does it stop? I would like to do background checks on some of the idiots that i know before they open their mouths to speak and deny them that, but unfortunately for me they are guaranteed the freedom of speech as well!!

    • Not all of today’s proposed gun law changes are aimed at what the media hypes as assault rifles. Lets not pretend to be ignorant. Its not just about laws, its about control. If you register purchases or exchanges of guns & ammo, they will know who has arms. What we will have is a data base.

      History is rife with perfect examples of disarmed populations that are slaughtered or enslaved. Does anyone believe these history ignoring progressives would stop disarming America? We have gun laws today that are not effective because we do not have an effective authority to arrest, judge, imprison and track offenders.

  6. Good grief…nobody is even talking about TAKING anyone’s guns away. Unless they’re convicted of a felony, or domestic assault. We, on the Left, want common sense, gun control to prevent the wrong people from walking into Walmart, or any other gun shop, gun show, etc, and being able to easily buy a gun.

    • Lived in San Francisco for 30 years & met 1000’s of folks who were “on the left”, but I still haven’t met a lefty who had any common sense. My Grandmother used to say “they don’t have the good sense God gave geese” & when I moved to CA I realized who she was talking about. I live happily & safely in SC now.

    • And you get to choose who the wrong person is? How about older than 19, but younger than 69? How about no religious affiliation? How about no-one on certain prescribed medications? How about no tax liens, moving violations, high school diploma for shotguns, ACT scores above x for semi-auto sidearms, ACT scores and college degree for semi-auto rifles, no scopes except for ‘licensed’ hunters, no transitioning trans-gender individuals, etc. And of course, lets ration ammunition for the weapons. No-one should need more than 100 shot shells / year; 200 sidearm cartridges; 100 long gun, big bore cartridges and 300 small bore rounds? Purchases will be tracked by SSN and of course, minor infractions will simply be correctible by the national police force when you submit your annual IRS tax forms. Repeat offenders or impact problems will be handled by the National Guard (just to keep them sharp and their presence recognized).

  7. try a smith aand wesson model 500 .50 cal against any .223 firing rifle and I absolutely promise you the pistol does more damage……you o9nly hate what the media is telling you to hate…..fucking sheep
    and kudos to this guy for stopping this idiot

  8. I will give this man his due. Good for him! However I still feel that increasing punishment and requirements concerning guns is still needed. No it’s not going to stop everyone, but you know what…there are thousands of things we do that don’t stop everything,, for example. DWI..does making it illegal to drive under the influence stop everyone from doing it? no, so should we just stop making it against the law? Open heart surgery doesn’t help everyone, so should we just stop doing them? Do medications help everyone? so should we just stop using them? People get addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol, should we get rid of all of them because some can’t handle it? We just need to approach the gun issues with the understanding that no it won’t stop everyone, but what if the one it does stop could be the one you might have been shot by? When did only saving some lives stop being a good thing? When did it become an all or nothing issue with guns? There’s always going to be people who are against and for…can’t we just land in the middle?

  9. Mecklenburg County IN NC has already made I that you cannot even get a permit to buy with any misdemeanors at all now pretty soon they will be taking away our carry permits for not wearing a seat belt

  10. If making AR15 and similar rifles illegal, then yes, “they” are wanting to take away our guns. A full sized 9mm pistol holds 15 rounds…adding another magazine gives the owner 30 rounds to use. It takes only a couple of seconds to change magazines. I haven’t heard of any situation where an active shooter fires all 30 rounds for an AR15 at once, especially since they are not automatic weapons. They typically fire a few rounds, walk around, aquire a new target, then fire again. The same damage can be had using a pistol…possibly even more so depending on the rounds used, such as hollow points, etc. As has been said numerous times by those who actually think and think for themselves and not allow pinheads in Washington dictate what they think, it is NOT a gun problem, it is a people problem. But alas, I use a tool missing from so many people…common sense…

  11. Ya they had one of those in Orlando also.

    And the perpetrator in South Carolina also had a “Concealed Carry” who pulled and fired in a drunken rage…..

    So what’s your point ??

    Deputies said 32-year-old Jody Ray Thompson pulled out a gun after getting into an argument with another man and fired several rounds toward a crowd that had gathered out in front of the club.

  12. Good for him. However, is there any data saying that millions of crimes are stopped by good guys with guns? Because I find that unlikely. If that were the case, I imagine there’s be rather fewer shootings than there are now, and the argument that “good guys with guns don’t stop the bad guys” would be much more discreditable. Btw, when us lefties want gun control, most of us are only asking for stricter regulation of them, not to keep people from getting them all together. Background checks, highly controlled ammunition, psych tests, etc. Treat them more like buying cars, in that the regulations save lives and control who can buy one.

  13. First of all thank God that man was there to stop a maniac! Second to all of you on this assault right van Bullshit you do of course realize you can conceal a 9mm with a 50round drum right?? It’s a little harder to conceal an AR. AND ALSO semi automatic assault rifles are so bad cause you can fire rounds so quickly you might argue!!! THE PROBLEM WITH THAT THEORY IS A HANDGUN IS SEMIAUTOMATIC AS WELL!!!!!! Both only let you fire as fast as you can pull the trigger so do us all a favor and just don’t buy a gun but leave those of us who want to protect ourselves and our families alone with your Bullshit gun laws.

  14. “….millions of other gun owners who prevent crimes every year.” Say WHAT?!?!? Come on, guys, you’ve overplayed your hand here….I’m calling (pure D) BS on this one. Millions? Tell me about just 10 examples from the past year…..c’mon, there were millions of cases to choose from, right?

  15. This article completely misses the mark. The real problem is the ability to gain access to super high capacity clip sizes and allowing mentally unstable or questionable individuals due to past crimes or behavior from owning guns easily. The article acts like recent pushes have been to completely ban gun ownership, and that’s just plain wrong and dangerously uninformed.

    • ” The real problem is the ability to gain access to super high capacity clip sizes and allowing mentally unstable or questionable individuals due to past crimes or behavior from owning guns easily. ”
      Who’s is going to run the mental tests? The same people that think most kids should be put on speed, and define anti-government folks as “operationally defiant”?

  16. So, I’m a liberal and am in favor of certain types of firearm regulation. And none of the regulations I’m in favor of would have prevented this fellow from successfully protecting his neighbors from this criminal.

    I’m in favor of:
    Requiring licenses to carry firearms, but those licenses not costing more than a reasonable processing fee, and being “shall issue unless there’s a specific reason not to.”

    Requiring background checks to make sure that the person doesn’t have a VIOLENT criminal record — I don’t care about drug offenses, tax evasion, or whatever. I care about mugging, domestic abuse, and that sort of thing. And rape and stalking people count as violent crimes in my book.

    Demonstration of basic competence in firearms safety. It would be LOVELY if every CCW holder was trained in a shoot house, but that’s silly. But I think it’s perfectly reasonable to expect that anybody who’s going to be in public with a firearm knows to never point it at anything unless you want to put a hole in it, to always assume that a firearm is loaded, to not leave a pistol with the safety off in a cluttered purse where the trigger might get caught on a pencil and fire.

    I don’t care WHERE you got your training. In the military? In a gun-safety course through a store, or a range? From your Mom and Dad? Whatever. I just want to know that you can demonstrate that you’re not a moron.

    Getting rid of any law that allows deadly force for the protection of property alone. Deadly force to protect yourself when someone is threatening violence to steal your stuff? Sure, that’s fair. You want to shoot a mugger? I’m totally fine with that. But you want to shoot a pickpocket? Now we’ve got a problem. You want to shoot a burglar who is breaking into your house, or who already is IN your house? Yup, that’s ethical. You want to shoot a burglar who is already running away? To me, that’s a no go.

    Here’s the big one you’re gonna have a problem with: limiting the size of magazines. I am willing to argue what it should be limited to — I think five round magazines are ridiculously small, but fifty-round magazines ought to be restricted to military use. Ten round? Twenty round? I’m willing to argue it. I’m thinking somewhere around a twelve-round magazine as a maximum for civilian use, but I’m willing to hear arguments to change that number. But I DO think that’s the place where things need to be regulated.

    And then there are some things that I want to see changed, but I don’t know if they have to be LAWS. I don’t want anyone carrying longarms within city limits, except under unusual circumstances. But I don’t know if that necessarily needs to be a law — if people would just explain to their friends who want to do it that they are being idiots, that might be enough.

    And none of these things would have stopped that CCW owner from saving those people.

    • @ Ian D Osmond / Yo’ Ian, what I’d like you to do is take out the word GUN or WEAPON and insert ANY knife that has a blade over 3/4″ inch long. YES, that’s correct, three fourths of an inch long!!!
      Why 3/4″, because it only takes about a 1 inch blade to slice completely through your jugular vein.

      And after you’ve done this, and reread your lengthy article, NOW insert that ALL knives over 3/4″ of an inch SHALL BE CONFISCATED!!!!! See how STUPID that sounds???!!!

      Uh huh!!!! And that’s EXACTLY what you SHOULD BE thinking about guns. That it’s just plain stupid to try and LEGISLATE against an OBJECT!!!!! Why not insert cars and trucks into your article, they DO KILL MORE PEOPLE THAN GUNS DO EVERY YEAR!!!!! LET’S DO AWAY WITH THEM, SHALL WE???!!!!! But then YOU would be screaming at the top of your voice, I need my car and I’ve done nothing wrong……just like the millions of us gun owners are saying the same thing and YOU could care less!!!!!

      And I’ll tell you why YOU don’t care about us, because it doesn’t affect YOU!!!!! Hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. So ….. the guy shot a bunch of people.

    IN WHAT WAY did the “hero” PREVENT a mass shooting? THE SHOOTING ALREADY HAPPENED!

    And all the usual stuff – nobody’s taking your guns away, reasonable gun control laws don’t prevent concealed carry, blah blah blah. You already know the facts here, and you know why you’re wrong, but I just wanted to point out that the ccw guy DIDN’T prevent a mass shooting.

  18. Several responders demand proof that a potentially armed civilian population can be a crime deterrent. Look into the statistics in Texas. A little Googling will provide the date of implementation and the subsequent decrease in carjackings, armed robberies, home invasions, etc. While in the research mode, compare TX statistics to those of states and cities like Illinois/Chicago, Michigan/Detroit and others who have a zero tolerance policy with civilian weapons. For those that want stats of how many lives have been saved – its not possible. You cannot factor the unknown. A body count is a hard fact. A prevented slaughter is measured by what count?

  19. I’m sorry but, I fail to see the idea here.
    So, a guy carrying a gun saves people from another guy carrying a gun with malicious intent.

    Q1: How would the person with evil intent be able to achieve his goal to carry out a mass shooting if he didn’t have a gun IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE.
    Q2: How would that situation go on about if for example, NEITHER OF THEM HAD ANY FUCKING GUNS?

    Yea, it’s nice, that guy saved a lot of people perhaps, but if it weren’t for your dumb laws, guess what:

  20. When I was 14 my 24 year old sister and I were driving home on a very lonely highway late at night. We were in a car accident that only involved us. We were 2 females in the middle of nowhere walking to the next town which was many miles away on an unlit road. Luckily my Father taught us how to use a gun, and made sure we never left home without one because a car pulled over a little ways behind us, turned out the car lights and started walking towards us. We told them we were fine. There was no response. We could hear the person getting closer. My sister who was older than I couldnt bring herself to pull out the gun. I on the other hand could. I pulled the gun out pointed it and yelled we are fine we dont need your help and I have a gun. The person without a word stopped, turned around and got back in their car made a uturn and sped away. I am convinced that we would have been abducted, raped or killed had we not had that gun. Unfortunatly we do still live in a world where having a concealed carry is beneficial. Maybe not as often as back in the day, but nonetheless I think any one who is comfortable and law,abiding should carry if they so wish and go through the legal way of doing so. Guns do not kill people. After all, Cain killed his brother Able with a rock. Should no one carry those either?

  21. How is a dispute between two people outside a club a mass shooting. OK three people were hit, this just means the guy is a bad shot not a mass shooter. Here in AZ we see shootings like this quite a bit. Collateral damage to other people because people want to start shooting at each other like it’s the OK Coral.

  22. Are the vast majority of you that sheltered, small minded, out if touch with reality, or just plain STUPID??!
    CRIMINALS, presently or in my case formally, have better access to guns than you do. I can go buy a
    AUTOMATIC AK 47 or SKS for about $300 right now. I can get all the ammo, clips and drums that I want. All with no waiting period. No I.d., no background check. No Questions asked. Do you really think any silly law you pass banning a so called ” assualt weapon ” is going to stop any of this? If so, here is another FYI for YOU:
    Sure we’ll be right down to turn our illegally bought weapons in.
    The only cure for a bad guy with an automatic weapon is a good guy or a misunderstood guy like me with a gun.
    Wake the hell up.
    Save yourselves, from your most dangerous enemy,

  23. The gun laws are bullshit..dont let nancy pelosi or hillary try to explain gun actions…theyre dumbasses….the whole arguement is over clip capacity and rate of fire ( thats how fast and how many peices of lead you can fling ) meaning…the kill percentage goes up….seems to me we didnt have any of these issues before Obummer got in office? The point being…a man with a handgun cannot take on a man with a ar-15….and if you do….you better have 3to4 preloaded clips with you…you empty your glock at him…15 rounds…ooops he has 60…think hes gunna wait for you to reload your clip?

  24. Ok yes, this person potentially may have stopped this criminal from shooting more people than he had already shot. I commend him. I don’t have all the answers and neither do the law makers, and neither does anyone commenting on this article. I can only give my opinion, and it’s simple. I know that this is not the case but if “they” were to take ALL the guns from everybody in the U.S. and ban them than there would be ALMOST no shootings. BUT than everyone would be using knives so where would it end? Than that would leave us exposed to our own government who could impose marshal law for their own agenda, unopposed by the public. I think ultimately that the government does have an agenda and they are slowly tightening the noose and taking away so many of our rights to ultimately cease complete control over its citizens. They are using “terror” as the reason to justify their actions and get the “OK” from the public by saying that in order to protect us it is necessary to take away certain rights and privacy from us. They control the media and only have them tell us lies and what they want us to know. I know this seems a little off subject but tightening the gun laws is part of their agenda and it will only get stricter over time in an attempt to disarm the public. I really wish I had the time and the room to explain it all. Bottom line is the government is tricking the public through fear so that we willingly give up our rights thinking that it’s nessesary to do in order fir the government to investigate, spy on or even kill anyone they feel the need to in order to stop terrorism in the U.S. Call me a conspiracy theorist but there’s too much evidence for me to call it theory. Think 9/11 was really done the way and by the people you have been told by the media? Think again. Just Google “operation northwoods” if you think your own government isn’t capable of doing something like that. It’s real declassified documents and information. Than Google “problem/reaction/solution” and maybe these things will inspire you to research and look into some more of our governments lies and deceit. Sorry my rant went that way but I believe some of these things going on in the U.S. are acted out by the government to get justification and the ok from the public to slowly strip us of our guns, our privacy and our rights for our protection when it’s really to spy on us and to ultimately gain absolute control to carry out their bigger agenda. Just Google those 2 things I told you and maybe you’ll want to learn more. I wish more people educated themselves on this stuff. It’s very real. Our government and the mainstream media lies to us CONSTANTLY!!

  25. This is beyond lame and still proves nothing. People still got shot!!! Are we all missing this??? And if the perp had a semi auto rifle some people want to argue that this “good guy” (worse term for a discussion that needs to be taken a lot more seriously) would of been able to minimize the injuries to just a few people?? Do we know the shooter to be a marksman or just some loose cannon who got an “idea”. If he wasn’t people got shot and maybe had the perp been a better shot people still would’ve died. When there’s an article like this where no one gets shot then maybe I’ll start to back down but it still hasn’t happened. WAKE UP!!!!!

  26. Hold it! Aren’t firearms prohibited in places that serve alcohol (gun free zones)? Isn’t it a federal felony to “pack” in them? That sure didn’t stop Thompson, did it? Don’t laws of these types make “gun free zones” “target rich environments” for criminals, terrorists, etc.? Those people sure were lucky that someone took the responsibility, LAW BE DAMNED, for his own and the patrons safety or there might have been more injuries or even deaths.