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Islam is the problem, Not Guns


In the wake of this horrendous attack in Orlando that left to over a hundred gay men shot, every pundit is jumping to spin their views on the topic. Hillary is already blaming a lack of gun control, even though the man passed multiple tests and licenses, and Trump is blaming are lack of calling out one another to government officials – you know, the same people who show up to the wrong people’s houses for drug raids and kill their dogs.

Now, undoubtebly the topic of Islam is also being brought up, and for good reason – the man was a practicising muslim, he came from afghan parents, and his views regarding homosexuals aren’t in opposition to various Islamic texts, but rather they are a projection of them.

In this episode of the Libertarian atheist podcast, I delve into the problem of Islam, and why guns are not to blame for this horrendous attack.

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