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South Park Creators Endorse Gary Johnson & Call Trump + Hillary “Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich”


South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are out promoting season 20. In an interview with the Daily Beast, they made it clear that this season would have some political themes, and that personally, neither of them like the mainstream candidates.

(RA) Last season, they turned one of their characters, Mr. Garrison, into a Trump-like persona. Ironically, they were hesitant to take on Trump because they thought he’d be out of the race in short order. “We thought we’d better do this before it goes away,” Parker said.

The episode featuring Mr. Garrison as Trump ended pretty epically and might be hard to come back from. Mr. Garrison ran for president promising to banish “dirty Canadians,” but ended up getting raped in the final episode. They “didn’t really want to service Trump as a character,” Parker said.

As for Hillary Clinton, their last episode about her was in 2007 and had to do with a “Snuke.” Google it — I’d blush to explain what that is. The creators said they’re going to focus more on Trump. “In this election, Garrison is our character.”

When asked their actual thoughts on the candidates, Parker called Trump and Clinton “the giant douche and the turd sandwich.”

He said if Gary Johnson had “any chance in hell” of winning, he’d likely support him. They both said, “we believe in liberty.”

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