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Nearsightedness to Affect Half the World; Absent in Hunter-Gatherers


Nearsightedness, or myopia, is on the rise. Scientists project that half of the world will require corrective lenses by 2050. Hunter-gatherers do not get myopia and provide answers as how to prevent it through a natural lifestyle.

Myopia affects 13 million children worldwide with about half of them living in China, but a new study states that myopia is absent in undisturbed hunter-gatherers. The study showed that “hunter-gatherers maintained high visual acuity throughout life, whereas agrarian visual acuity declined.” Researchers linked the phytochemical-rich diet of hunter-gathers to their lack of myopia.

The recent study is in agreement with observations noted by Weston A. Price in his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration“. Price states, “ I have been impressed many times in my studies with the superior physical development and acuteness of the senses of primitive races. This is strikingly illustrated in the visual acuity of the Maori of New Zealand, the Aborigines of Australia and some African tribes.” Price continues, “I was advised that the Australian Aborigine could see a mile away animals which the white man could not see.”

“Delighted were the archaeologists to discover a prehistoric cave-wall painting of the Pleiades star group, “Seven Sisters.” But surprised were they that the ancient artist painted ten stars, four of which we need telescopes to see. Natural guess: stars were brighter then. Astronomers said “No.”…the artist had seen all ten stars with his naked eye. Correct assumption: cave men had better eyesight than modern men,” Price stated.

In addition to diet, hunter-gathers prevent myopia by exercising their eyes as they look out in far distances. Biomechanist Katy Bowman states  “Myopia could also be called muscles in the eye that are too short. Tension in the eye comes from the failure to use our eyes in their relaxed, long-muscle orientation. Looking at far away places or gazing at layers of trees upon hills all utilize different muscle patterns than looking at computers and books and iPhones and Kindles.”

While civilized society as a whole is on the road to needing corrective lenses, myopia is absent in hunter-gathers. If you want eyesight similar to hunter-gathers, eat nutritious foods, spend plenty of time outside, and while you are outside, look at objects far away to relax eye muscles.