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Why You Should Block Blue Light and How


Blue lighting is everywhere- street lights, computer, phone and TV screens, and in household LED light bulbs. By inhibiting melatonin production alone, blue lights cause serious health consequences ranging from disrupted sleep cycles to cancer. There are inexpensive and effective ways to block this light out of your life.

Melatonin, made in the pineal gland, is primarily produced in dark conditions and inhibited by blue light. Melatonin is the body’s most efficient free-radical scavenger. Unlike other antioxidants, one melatonin molecule has the ability to scavenge 4 or more free radicals. Melatonin also has the ability to protect tissues from oxidative damage with a potency several times more than vitamin C and E.

Other functions of melatonin include:

Dr. Mercola reports that for less than $10 (or more if you want more fashionable ones), you can purchase blue light-blocking glasses and support melatonin production. He states the blue light causes more problems than just decreasing melatonin production.

In his report, Mercola states:
– Blue light has been found to damage the DHA essential fat in your retina. The fat converts sunlight into DC electric current that is vital for health.

-Blue light causes decreased mitochondria production in the respiratory electron transport chain.

-Studies show that wearing blue light-blocking glasses from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. for seven days significantly improved mania with noticeable changes after three nights of use.

-Recent studies have detected blue light receptors in the eyes that communicate with the hypothalamus and limbic system in the brain to control biological clocks, moods, and emotions.

-Research found insomnia and mood were improved in about half of bipolar patients who wore blue-blocking glasses.

-Mice studies shows that exposure to artificial light caused inflammation, muscle loss, and signs of osteoporosis. The mice returned to normal after two weeks of restoring their light-dark cycles.

Comparison of LED street lights and the formerly used sodium vapor light. Photo Credit: https://www.universetoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/LED-HPS-compared.jpg

Blue light-blocking glasses can help make driving safer. Drivers have reported that LED lights hurt their eyes, give them headaches, and make it harder to see. The American Medical Association states that LED lights have 5 times more affect on sleep rhythms than sodium vapor lamps.

Dr. Mercola recommends wearing blue light-blocking glasses at night and getting exposure to sunlight in the early morning (10-15 minutes) and afternoon (30 minutes). Block-out curtains and eye masks can help block light pollution while sleeping. You can also purchase different light bulbs or salt lamps for your home.

Artificial lighting harms human health and the environment. Excess light hinders the vital functions of melatonin along with affecting other brain chemicals. Although there are different designs of LED street lights, all of them omit blue light. The best way to protect yourself is to block the light from hitting your eyes by using glasses, computer screen filters (or an app), and light blocking curtains.