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5 Natural Ways to Keep Mice Out of Your House


Winter is coming, and just like us humans, all the furry creatures want to stay warm. If you’ve ever lived in cold areas of the country, especially rural ones, you know that means mice wanting to spend a little extra time in your house. If you’d like to do something besides cuddling with mice during the cold months, here are some tips that don’t involve harsh chemicals and exterminators.

First up, you’re going to need to find the main point of entry.  This means looking for small holes – even as small as a dime – where you can see light coming in from the outside. Looking for areas where you can feel a draft can also help.

Getting a cat can also be a great idea – as they basically evolved to eat the little guys – but that option isn’t for everyone. For me personally, I get allergic just looking at a cat over a computer, so I needed some other options.

1. Peppermint

Mice hate the scent of mint, and there’s a host of ways to use it properly. One is to soak cotton balls with 100 percent peppermint essential oil. Place them around your house, refreshing every 2 weeks. The strong scent deters the mice, which a common theme that you will see in all the options discussed here on preventing the little guys from homesteading your home.

This is a non-lethal option and keeps the home smelling great.

Next up is something a little spicier.