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How Hillary Clinton Auctioned Off American Power to Foreign Countries

Hillary Clinton has been bought and paid for more than a 2 dollar prostitute in an all-male oil town.


It appears Clinton can’t stand clear of hot water during her run for a democratic nomination, and the Inspector General’s subpoena of the Clinton Foundation is demonstrating – yet again –that she is willing to do anything to be given the ring of power. To break it down simply; foreign companies and countries have given millions of dollars of donations to the Clinton Foundation. That money goes to pay Bill Clinton tens of millions for paid speeches. Hillary, as a token of her appreciation, doles out State Dept contracts and money making policies to those companies and countries.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton maintained that “there is no unknown” regarding her speeches to Wall Street during CNN’s Democratic Presidential Town Hall on Tuesday.

Hillary, when asked about the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches said, “[T]here is no unknown. I am on record, I went to Wall Street before the Great Recession. I called them out. I said what they were doing in the mortgage market was going to cause serious problems. I called for reigning in CEO pay. I called for ending the loophole that lets hedge fund managers get a lower tax rate. I have been on record for a really long time. I’ve now put forth a plan, it’s in public arena. I want to people to hold me accountable. Because that’s what I’ll do. The other part of this, which I find somewhat concerning, actually, is the argument seems to be that if you ever took money from any business, of any kind, then you can’t fulfill your public responsibilities. Well, that’s just not the case. I mean, President Obama took an enormous amount of money, more than anybody ever had, from Wall Street in 2008, when he was successful in his election, and then he turned around, and pushed through the toughest regulations that we’ve seen since the Great Depression. So the argument just doesn’t hold up. But, again, you know, if everybody’s going to do the same thing, then I’ll be part of it.”

This form of political language has been around for some time, as George Orwell put it: “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

She’s made a career of changing her position without ever admitting it every time the wind blows. From changing positions on everything from gay marriage to the Keystone pipeline, the merits of NAFTA, gun control, and universal healthcare, Hillary has the integrity of a compulsive lying thief.

Here’s 13 straight minutes of Hillary Clinton throughout the decades


The Clintons have been absorbing cash for 41 years that’s estimated at 3 billion dollars, according to the Washington Post   That money has not come in the form of “small grass root donations,” but rather in large handfuls by multimillionaires.

“A handful of elite givers have contributed more than $25 million to the foundation, including Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra, who is among the wealthy foreign donors who have given tens of millions.

They made historic inroads on Wall Street, pulling in at least $69 million in political contributions from the employees and PACs of banks, insurance companies, and securities and investment firms. Wealthy hedge fund managers S. Donald Sussman and David E. Shaw are among their top campaign supporters, having given more than $1 million each.

The couple’s biggest individual political benefactors are Univision chairman Haim Saban and his wife, Cheryl, who have made 39 contributions totaling $2.4 million to support the Clintons’ races since 1992. The Sabans have also donated at least $10 million to the foundation.”

To act as if Univision’s attack on Trump’s campaign has nothing to do with their huge investments in the Clintons is absolutely ridiculous.  To act as if Wall Street’s investment in her had nothing to do with the bailouts is even more absurd. And to assume that a Canadian mining company’s funding of her campaign has nothing to do with her views on foreign energy subsidies is insane.

The truth is that Hillary has been bought and paid for more than a 2 dollar prostitute in an all-male oil town.


  1. Why no mention of her evil beginnings?Removed from Watergate investigation for unethical practices.Campaigned for Barry Goldwater as a young Republican.Rose Law firm and money laundry for “good ol boy” cocaine smuggling ring.Her bisexuality and use of young female prostitutes.Her borderline alcoholism.Her pure,abject meaness and vulgarity in her dealing with subordinates.The suspicious suicides and accidental deaths of persons who were about to testify against her and Bill.These people are pure slime.43% of registered voters are Independents,45% of them will NEVER vote for Clinton.Currently,20% of Democrats WILL NOT vote for Clinton.Since she said in the first debate that Republicans are her enemies,I don’t expect her to get many cross over voters from them.I believe she is wasting her time and other peoples money with her greed for power.Untrustworty,unlikeable and unelectable.