Urine: The Natural Tomato Fertilizer. Increases Yields and Nutrients

Urine: The Natural Tomato Fertilizer. Increases Yields and Nutrients

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A new study has gardeners peeing on their tomato plants, and they say it works. The study found urine raised yields 4.2 times compared to non-fertilized plants. Tomatoes grown with urine had the same amount of nutrients as plants that received mineral fertilizers. Urine can be used as a safe and cost-free mineral fertilizer.

Environmental biology researchers in Finland compared tomatoes that were watered with urine to those that were given mineral fertilizer and no fertilizer. Results showed that plants that were given urine did as well as those given mineral fertilizers and had more protein and beta carotene, an antioxidant.

Urine is free, safe, and natural. Sounds like it is worth a try.


  1. High in nitrogen. Men’s urine is better than women’s. Women’s is more acidic. In some plants too much nitrogen will result in lush plant growth… but no fruit. I’m using it extensively with new bushes and fruit trees to get early growth. I’ll cut back as they get bigger if they don’t produce.

    • John I thought that tomato plants were acidic loving plants and as I understand urine it is a very alkalotic liquid. So if you pour urine into the soil would it not inhibit growth? I add lots and lots of coffee grinds to my tomato plants because the grinds are acidic and it seems the tomato plants love this. I am really confused right now.

      • ph 5 -6 more common which is why it stings if you have a bit of bark off in the nether regions. A well hydrated person may wee ph 6.5 – 7. Alkaline preparations ie ural, are given when women have UTI’s to ease symptoms. All urine is good feriliser but watered down as strong urea can burn plants.

  2. We eat a lot of asparagus. I wonder if “asparagus pee” is as beneficial, better, or not as good as regular pee.