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Child Protective Services Called by Cops on Child for Saying “Brownies”


In one of the stupidest cases of handling disciplinary issue in the last month, an elementary school in Jersey called the police because a nine-year-old boy made a racist remark. How did the cops handle it? Did they give the child a stern talking to? Did they tell the teachers that they were wasting their time? Nope, they called Child Protective Services.

There’s been little information given out to what exactly the child said, but according to local news sources, the child referred to black kids as “brownies.” He was actually referring to the chocolate baked good, according to his parents. Given that he made the statement during a class party—it was the last day of school—this explanation makes sense.

Personally, I don’t give a damn if the child was being racist – you don’t call the cops because you don’t like certain words, and you certainly don’t get CPS involved.

The teacher’s or principle should have demonstrated some capability in being able to handle the situation, but that’s assuming that they were capable of having integrity. Instead, they chose to “tell on the child.”

This is how pathetic our society has become. You use to be ostracized for “tattle telling” on other kids, and now teachers tattle tell on kids to officers for saying naughty words. Then, the police officers “tattle tell” on the kids to CPS so that they can make a whole cluster f*ck of the whole situation.


CPS taking this case isn’t much of a surprise, though. Over 80% of the cases involving CPS aren’t for physical or sexual abuse. When they do get involved they tend to make a mess of it, and if they remove a kid it ends up terribly.

Foster kids  are 7-8 times more likely to be abused than normal children, nearly half will end up homeless, they are 3 times more likely to be put on psychotropic drugs, seven times more likely to develop an eating disorder, more likely to have PTSD than veterans of war and less likely to recover from that PTSD, more likely to become pregnant as a teenager, 20% more likely to be arrested, and are 6 times more likely to die than if they stayed in an abusive household.

Get back to the story, according to Philly.com, these kinds of automatic appeals to police authority are common:


The incident, which has sparked outrage among some parents, was one of several in the last month when Collingswood police have been called to look into school incidents that parents think hardly merit criminal investigation.

Superintendent Scott Oswald estimated that on some occasions over the last month, officers may have been called to as many as five incidents per day in the district of 1,875 students.

This has created concern among parents in the 14,000-resident borough, who have phoned their elected officials, met with Mayor James Maley, blasted social-media message boards, and even launched a petition calling on the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office to “stop mandated criminal investigation of elementary school students.”

According to Philly.com “the incident had been referred to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency.”

The stupidity of all of this is astounding, but in a society where people have given up their own sense of autonomy and self-responsibility, it’s no surprise that everyone looks to “authorities” to solve their problems.

The government wants it this way, because keeping the citizenry depend on the authority benefits them. There is no way to reform the state to benefit the individual, because the state is antithetical to the very notion of individualistic ethics. We need to free ourselves from the idea that we should be controlled by a monolithic agency that is parasitical in its nature.

In order to do that we need to be able to protect ourselves first. One way to do that is to know what to do when CPS comes knocking, which is outlined here. Another form of protection is education yourself and others about what CPS is, and a thorough breakdown of how the system works. The best way to do that is by actually reading a book on the subject, which can be found here.

Always remember that the government is not here to help you, and thankfully because of the internet and government whistle-blowers coming out, that information is getting out exponentially.

10257847_10101407106334675_3394232571286694773_nCarlos Morales is a former Child Protective Services investigator, president and founder of Child Protective Services Victim Support, the host of the Libertarian Atheist Podcast, and a committed legal advocate for family reunification.

Since leaving his career as an investigator, he has actively helped families throughout the country fight for their children in and out of court. His pursuit of a radical overhaul for child protection programs has taken him from university lecture halls, to television and radio studios, and the pages of a variety of publications. This has culminated into the www.thinkaboutnow.com/judge-exposes-cps-history-of-abuse-rapepublication of his new book, Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services (http://www.legallykidnapped.net/)



  1. I would have to say the facts on kid in forster care are sad. But lets also note that some of the kids already had PTSD from abuse before entering foster care and leaving them to be beaten is not the answer either. And there are other ways to abuse someone than to hit them.