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Herbs That Grow in the Shade

Image credit: themirogardener.com

You can plant culinary and medicinal herbs in the shade. Mother Earth Living writes that parsley, anise hyssop, lemon balm and shiso do well in partial shade and only need a couple of hours of direct sunlight per day.

HGTV lists additional herbs, commonly categorized as those to be grow in full-sun, that do well in partial shade: mint, chives, cilantro, tarragon, golden oregano (other oregano varieties need full sun), thyme, angelica, wild bergamot, and meadowsweet.

Wild ginger, spicebush, jewelweed, sweet woodruff, and stinging nettles will do well in areas with less sunlight or filtered shade, but they do need some sun.

Ginseng does well in filtered or full-shade.

If your yard has trees, you can plant herbs that like full-shade under the trees. On the edge of the trees where plants may get a couple hours of sun, you can plant herbs that like filtered shade. Plants that tolerate partial shade can be planted farther away from trees and forests where they will get a few hours of bright sun each day.