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Why You Should Stop Using Plastic Straws


Stopping the use of plastic straws is a simple thing that makes a big difference. Read further for alternatives to disposable plastic straws.

According to Treehugger, 500 million plastic straws are used by Americans daily! This is “enough to fill 127 school buses and circle the earth’s circumference 2.5 times.”

Straws are made of plastics which are not biodegradable. They fill landfills and find their way into the ocean. Straws are among the top ten trash items found while cleaning up beaches.

Straws are a plastic product that are easy to avoid using. However, if you want to use a straw, there are many alternatives such as glass, stainless steel, and bamboo. Even reusable plastic is a better option than disposable.

Bamboo straws can be made in minutes and reused hundreds of times.